What it’s like working with a Financial Coach


Have you ever wondered what it would look like to get coached on your money by us?

Money is a taboo subject that most people don’t want to talk about, but it affects all the areas of our lives. This is why we LOVE helping our clients get intentional with their money, because when they do, every area of their life gets SO much better.

It can be scary to be vulnerable about what’s going on with your money. Financial Coaching is pretty new, and you may not know what to expect. 

Here are three things you need to know about how we do money coaching:

1. We’re not going to judge you.

You may feel terrified telling another soul how much debt you’re in and your numbers, but rest assured, we’re not going to freak out on you or add any guilt and shame. 

We’re here to help you take the next best steps. We’re a safe place. 

Your numbers won’t scare or shock us. 

We had a client who didn’t want to get on a call with us because their anxiety was through the roof. After assuring him that he would be less stressed after the call, he agreed to meet. From that one session, his stress level went down substantially. He was able to pay off his student loans, pay for vacations with cash, and fund his hobbies. It was a night and day transformation. 

Don’t let fear keep you stuck.

2. We coach you on your values, not ours.

We truly believe there isn’t a one-size-fits-all financial plan everyone has to follow. Your spending, saving, giving, and investing should be a reflection of your priorities and values. This is the opposite of keeping up with the Joneses.

Our goal is to support you as you discover what your values are and fund them. Honestly, the way you spend your money should look crazy to others, and the way we spend our money should look crazy to others. We are all unique and should be spending according to what we care about and our financial goals.

When we look at your Roadmap (your detailed financial numbers), James and I try to determine what we think your values are based on your current spending. Our clients love hearing what we think is important to them. Sometimes we’re spot on, sometimes their spending is so tight that we can’t see what is important to them, and sometimes our clients are spending on things that aren’t important to them. When this happens, we know it’s time to adjust spending habits.

We dedicate an entire session with our clients on their financial values. By the end of that session, they will know what their top three financial values are. Through the lens of their values, we look through their numbers with them. The goal is to fund the values and defund the areas that don’t contribute to what is important to them.

Here’s what one of our clients said about lining up spending with their values.

“James and Amberlee taught us how to make our money work for our values. I had never thought of money in that way, and it has been so empowering to get rid of the things that weren’t working for our values, and instead put money where we feel it can do the most good for us and others.”

3. We keep track of your financial wins.

It’s so easy to focus on every financial mistake we make. As humans, we have a recency bias and a negativity bias. That means we remember and can easily recall our newest money mistakes, before we ever think of all the positive things we’re doing with money.

We’re in the business of transformation. When we focus on your financial wins, your mindset will shift. You’ll gain confidence in yourself in how you can manage your money. When you start believing that you make good decisions with money, you start to make good decisions with money. 

During a client session, we always ask what were their financial wins since we last met. I love hearing all the positive actions and mindset shifts with our clients. I met with a client yesterday, and they had 16 financial wins since our last session! 

After our clients have worked with us for three months, we do one of my favorite things. We read out loud every single financial win our client had while working with us. I love watching our clients faces as they actually see how much progress they have made. 

We absolutely love helping individuals and couples make progress with the money they have. Financial coaching is a mixture of education, mindset, action, and accountability. It’s the fastest way to get to where you want to go with money. So in a nutshell, this is a small taste of what to expect when you work with us. 

If you want to know the logistical side of what our coaching looks like:

Sessions are virtual.

We love being able to see our clients face-to-face from all over the United States. We use Google Meet for our sessions. Our clients are able to meet with us from the comfort of their own home. We do have some local Treasure Valley clients who prefer to meet in person.

We have a coaching portal that houses everything you need.

Inside it, you’ll see every scheduled upcoming session and the agenda. You can join the virtual session inside the portal. The portal has all the educational videos we create, homework, and resources. Our goal is to simplify and streamline your coaching experience.

Time commitment.

Scheduled sessions are created to help you reach your financial goals without being overwhelmed. We get it, most of us have super full lives. It’s easy to say, “I don’t have time for this,” but in reality that means “this isn’t a priority right now.” Our goal is to help you reach your financial goals without wasting your time or ours. We’ve strategically set up our coaching program to work with people that have full lives.

We meet with our clients once a week for the first month to really get them moving forward. Then we meet twice a month for the next two months. There is some initial prep work at the very beginning where our clients pull all of their financial numbers. We let our clients know that this is the most prep work they’ll have with us. It’s essential that we know where our clients’ money is going, so we can create a custom plan for them. 

To make the most out of each session we have, we created videos and resources to cover some of the educational portion. Then, we’re able to focus more on the coaching in our sessions.

Each session we have is an hour long. After each session you’ll have homework that’s very doable. Some examples of homework you might have could be watching Plan Ahead Method Videos, getting quotes on your fence, setting up sinking funds, or reading “Credit Card How-To Guide.”

Gaining Clarity.

Our money typically feels like a garbled-up mess. It’s hard to keep track of everything. That’s why we start out having our clients fill out our Roadmap. The Roadmap helps our clients get a clear picture of their actual spending, saving, giving, and investing. 

Imagine yourself going on a road trip to the Everglades. You know you’re traveling to Florida, but if you don’t know your exact location, you won’t know how to get there. The Roadmap gives you and us your exact location, so we can then create the best route to get to your destination.

Our client Daniel shares how the Roadmap helped him and his wife, “The Roadmap spreadsheet I find very helpful in viewing our expenses and seeing opportunities to improve.” 

I do want to clarify that you will NOT be living in a spreadsheet when you work with us. We automate and simplify your financial life, so you don’t have to be stuck in a spreadsheet. 

Be proactive.

Most people live their lives day-by-day and react to what life throws at them. This is why it’s so easy to spend more than you make. When emergencies come up, you’re not ready for them. So you put it on a credit card. It can feel easier to ignore your student loans. Most people are stressed and not confident about their money because their money feels out of control.

Our goal is to help you be proactive with your money. When you are prepared for unexpected emergencies, you start having less emergencies (and stress). When you have a plan to pay off your debt, and that plan is automated, you’ll be proud of yourself. Our client shared how coaching has helped him, “I feel better. I’m less stressed about our finances. It’s also nice to be moving toward a system that allows us to budget for things proactively.”

We help you create systems that will support your future. Our client Amy shares how coaching has helped her:

“I feel much more comfortable with my finances. I am not stressed about where money is going, and if we have enough. Creating a plan was so helpful! Just seeing where the money is going, and having it all automated is so empowering.” 


Become a team with your money.

If you’re married, you bring in money expectations that likely don’t line up with your spouse’s expectations. Money issues are one of the leading reasons for divorce. We love helping couples connect over money, instead of fighting over it.

In relationships, one person often handles most of the money management and is usually stressed, while the other spouse is less stressed and not aware.

Our goal is to help you be a team.
When you’re a team, you’ll reach your financial goals so much faster and enjoy the process so much more. 

Our client Rebecca shared how coaching helped her marriage.

“My husband and I were blessed to use Rich Living Coaching. The process was so smooth. They communicated so beautifully and set us up for success. They helped us communicate finances better and work together as a team.”


We believe in what we do.

We have seen transformation in EVERY single client. Education, mindset shifts, action, and accountability are what we do. And I believe that every great coach should be coached themselves. That is why James and I pay for coaching to help speed up our success in the areas of life we’re focusing on. We have been coached on business, marriage, parenting, homeschooling, and our faith. We’re getting poured into, so we can help others. 

Our client Laura shares her thoughts on the power of coaching.

“The coaching program has helped me gain clarity and direction. Working through the roadmap was very helpful so far as improving my understanding of our own financial situation. This is of course something anyone can do on their own, but it was much more valuable for me to have James and Amberlee looking over that information with us and giving their external perspectives. They were able to objectively observe strengths and gaps while also offering guidance and direction toward my own goal and values. They also helped guide us in setting up a budgeting system that is realistic, easy, and dependable, which has been invaluable.”


If you’re ready to change your financial life for the better, now is your time. The sooner you take positive steps forward, the sooner you can experience the life you want. You’ve probably heard the expression, “time is money,” and it’s true. If you keep doing what you’re currently doing, you’re losing money. When you start funding what matters to you, you buy back time. You’re able to be more present, less stressed, and more productive. 

The best step forward is to book a FREE Q&A Session with us. We’ll talk about your current financial struggles, ask you some questions, get some of your numbers, and we’ll see how we can help you. You don’t have to do this on your own. We’re here for you.

Written By Amberlee Rich

Amberlee is a Money Coach, content creator, podcaster, and avid reader who is passionate about intentional living. She's a recovering couponing addict and aims to help others break free from survival mode. With her husband, James, they're certified financial coaches and have been helping people experience joy with their money for over 15 years.

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