From Damaged Pots to a Kitchen Jackpot: 6 Negotiation Tips that Work


How I was able to get $789 of product for less than $5

Warranties & negotiation.

So many products and companies boast warranties that almost no one ever uses.

Many people forget about warranties or don’t want to go through the hassle of contacting the company to use them. Isn’t it so strange when you purchase something from Amazon or wherever and the company encourages you to say hello to them or email them. I’m not sure who ever takes them up on that, but I certainly don’t feel the itch to write and thank them.

I’ve made a few phone calls in my day to different companies because a product didn’t work well or was damaged. Most companies are very receptive to these types of phone calls and are happy to replace them (oftentimes for free).

Recently, I looked at my non-stick pots and pans and the non-stick material was scraped and coming off in places. I knew that when I got this set, that they had a lifetime replacement guarantee. So, I called Pampered Chef up and asked for a replacement. 

To make a long story short, they don’t sell the set anymore. They gave me various options, but instead of getting one of each size of pot and pan, the replacements would be two of the same pot. I didn’t want a bunch of duplicates. 

Why would I need two of the same pot? 

How do you store pots and pans that won’t nest inside each other? 

Out of curiosity, I did the math, and the replacement pots and pans they offered to me added up to $1,070! Total bananas! That was almost three times what was originally spent on my original set. 

The problem was that I didn’t want the replacement even if it was over $1k. I was scratching my head as to what to do. I didn’t want three duplicates and one bigger pot. 

So, I called Pampered Chef back and asked them if they’d give me credit to buy other items from their store instead. My out-of-the-box question turned out. They said yes! One phone call changed the game. 

Since the original set was half-off, they said I could have the original purchase price as credit plus fourteen items half-off. It felt kind of like Christmas. I looked through their catalog and tallied up all the items I wanted. I was able to get what I wanted and a whole lot more

Here’s the thing, there are principles that will help you whenever you call a company or an organization. I took several steps to get the results I got. It’s easy to call a company and not get what you really want, because you don’t ask the right questions.  

6 Negotiation Tips When Calling Any Company

1. Keep receipts.

 I took a photo of the original receipt and emailed it to myself. If I didn’t have the receipt, I would’ve been out of luck. None of this would’ve been possible without documentation. Be organized. If you think you may need the receipt in the future, keep it in a safe spot.

2. Always ask for the name of the person you’re talking to.

Write their name down and take notes. Ask them to send you an email after the call with what they said. Having this in writing is very effective. When they know you’re writing their name down, they show up differently. It’s an added level of accountability.

3. Don’t be afraid to call again.

I ended up calling a couple of times to ask questions, and each person I talked to offered different amounts and solutions. I was really surprised by this. If you’re not happy with the phone call. Call again, and you’ll probably chat with someone else.

4. Ask out of the box questions.

They would have never offered store credit, unless I asked. The worst thing they can say is no. So, ask the questions, even if they don’t bring it up.

5. Ask about shipping.

If I didn’t ask, I would’ve had to pay out-of-pocket for shipping to return my heavy pots and pans. Since I asked, I paid for a $12 shipping label through Pampered Chef. They emailed me the label. All I had to do was package it up and bring it to FedEx. My guess is that it would’ve been over $100 to ship it myself. That’s some major savings!

6. Stand up for yourself.

If you don’t think what they’re offering is fair, kindly ask again. When I went to place my replacement order, they said that I had to use my store credit. Once I spent that, then I could get fourteen items half-off. I said to them that that didn’t make sense. They put me on hold and said I was right. I could get fourteen items half-off AND pay for it with my credit. 

The Bottom Line:

Overall, it cost me less than $17 out of pocket to get everything I wanted, including shipping my old pots and pans. Check out the picture below.

I came out ahead and so did Pampered Chef. The total cost of the replacement product I got was $789, but I now have stuff I really wanted. They paid less than they originally offered with the replacement pots and pans ($1,070). I was able to get enameled cast iron pots and pans with a lifetime replacement warranty on them. It was a win-win. 

This experience made me think about how many people never make that phone call or use their warranty benefits. Honestly, I was tempted to just get rid of my pots and pans, and I’m really glad I didn’t. I now have some amazing kitchen items that I enjoy. 

I do have to add that there is a fine line here. Taking advantage of a company’s return or warranty policy isn’t the goal. But if you have something that is damaged or is reasonable, make the phone call. Be nice about it. You never know how it’ll pan out. And maybe just maybe, it’ll pan out like it did for us.  

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Written By Amberlee Rich

Amberlee is a Money Coach, content creator, podcaster, and avid reader who is passionate about intentional living. She's a recovering couponing addict and aims to help others break free from survival mode. With her husband, James, they're certified financial coaches and have been helping people experience joy with their money for over 15 years.

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