Let’s Be REAL…

You have NO idea where all your money is going. 💸

You feel like you should know how 🧠 to manage your money, but you don’t (and it’s kinda embarrassing to admit it).

You’re tired of spinning your wheels 🛞 and getting nowhere. 😵‍💫

You feel like you should be a lot farther ahead 🚧 than you are (which stresses you out).

What you need is a Money Coach who gets you, who will help you take action on the things you’ve been WANTING to do with your money.

Gaining clarity, confidence, and control of your money.

Fund your goals, and what matters to you.

Start enjoying and optimizing your income.

Finally break the debt cycle (it’s not what you’d think).

You get to decide IF you’re going to DO something different with your money. 

I’m ready to optimize my money.

I’m ready to get off the hamster wheel.

I’m tired of feeling behind and stressed, and I’m ready to get my money in order.

I’m ready to feel like I got a raise!

I’m ready to be proactive with my money.


The Reality… 

 If you keep doing what you’re doing, what will your future look like?

The longer you overspend, the worse your situation will be. Time is money. The sooner you start making positive shifts with your money, the more your money will grow and will work for you, not against you.

Do your future self a favor, by doing something today to make your future so much better.

You’re in the right place if…

You’re frustrated that you make a good income, but by the end of the month you have nothing to show for it.

Your money feels like chaos, and you kinda want to ignore it (but you know that’ll backfire).

You’ve read books, listened to podcasts, and tried eating rice and beans, yet your money is not where you want it to be.

You hate to admit it, but you know that money is causing issues in your marriage, work, children, your stress level, and your daily life.


When you work with us, you’ll experience… 

Compassion: There’s enough guilt and shame spewed out in the financial world. One of our goals is to build your confidence with money, so guilt and shame won’t be what runs on repeat in your mind.

Gain clarity: You’ll get a clear picture of what your money situation looks like, so you can take the best steps forward.

Safe place: It’s super hard to know who to trust in the financial world. We don’t sell insurance or anything but our own services and courses. We don’t get kick-backs from companies either. Trust is huge with us. Rest assured, we have your best interests in mind.

Coaching: Coaching and educating are very different, we’re like a personal trainer for your money. We help you take the fast lane to reach your financial goals and help you navigate the hurdles along the way.

Kick-butt program: Our coaching program is top-notch. We have a coaching platform that houses all of the content, notes, videos, resources, task lists, upcoming calls, and so much more. We want to give you the best experience possible.

More than just financial education: There’s a big difference between knowing and doing. We help you put into practice all the things you need to in a sustainable way.

Accountability: Having someone in your corner helping you navigate your money makes all the difference.

Mindset Shifts: Money isn’t just about numbers, it’s emotional. When you believe you’re bad with money, you start making decisions that reinforce that belief. Through coaching, we work on helping you shift your mindset, so you’ll make better decisions with your money.

Custom Support: We customize our coaching to fit your needs, because no one has the same financial situation as you.

A different perspective: We assess what is going on in your financial world from an outsider’s perspective. We’re able to see holes and make recommendations that can radically improve your financial situation.

Simplified system: Overcomplicating money and being disorganized is the norm. We help you create a simple system that you can continue for the long run.

Celebrate wins: It’s so easy to remember every mistake you make with money. This feeds the idea that “I’m bad with money.” Instead, we focus on all of your wins.

Live the Good life: Money touches every area of your life. When you start making positive changes with your money, all the other areas of your life get better.

Ready to Work with Mr. & Mrs. Rich:

How you can work with us.

Have direct access to James and Amberlee by signing up for money coaching. In our one-on-one program, we’ll take a deep-dive into your financial situation and create a customized plan with you, so you can reach your financial goals and have breathing room to dream.

We offer a 10% discount for pastors and missionaries on all Rich Living programs as a little thank you for sharing the Gospel! If this is you, please email us to get your discount.

Not sure yet?

Schedule a no-pressure, 20-minute FREE Q&A call to talk with James or Amberlee to see if financial coaching is a good fit for you.

Not ready to start working with us?

No problem.


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