Financial Coaching

For Your Church

First Off, Thank You!

We know you have a tough job. And we first wanted to say thank you for leading and serving a corner of God’s pasture!

I’m a PK and my husband has been a youth pastor and a campus missionary. We understand what serving in ministry full-time is like, and we want to support you and your congregation.

We truly believe that finances are holding most Christians back from doing what God has called them to do.

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Could you imagine…

…what your congregation would look like if the people in your church had their finances in order? They’d have healthier marriages and families. They could give generously and be freed up to serve. They wouldn’t have to stay in jobs they hate. Everything would change and we would love to partner with you to see that change happen at your church.

We all believe it starts with meeting with couples individually and helping them create a financial plan that aligns with their priorities and the Bible.

Money affects every part of our lives and it often keeps us captive.

The Bible repeatedly says do not worry over and over again, yet money is one of the biggest causes of worry out there. Our goal is to give hope and a doable plan.

How we can help!

My husband James and I are financial coaches who create customized financial plans for Christian couples and families.

If you haven’t heard of a financial coach before, we’re like a personal trainer for people’s money.

We help people create a sustainable plan to get out of debt, free up money every month, find holes in their finances, and the solutions to fill those holes. We also help them create and achieve financial goals.

We don’t manage investments like a financial advisor. We help with the day-to-day spending and saving and the mindsets that keep people stuck.

We truly believe that all the money we have isn’t ours, it’s God’s.

When we understand this concept, it changes everything. We help our clients be better stewards of the money God has entrusted them with.

If you know of any families, couples, or individuals in your congregation that could use some one-on-one support in their finances, we would love to connect with them.

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A little more about our coaches…

Coach Amberlee

Amberlee is a researcher, avid reader, content creator, and is constantly working on being intentional in her life. She started a blog years ago to share her insights with other moms. In 2020, Amberlee started the Rich Living on Less Podcast where she shares how to be intentional with the resources God gives us.

As a recovering couponing addict, she is known for finding ways to save without clipping coupons and using time-consuming methods. Amberlee is passionate about helping others get out of survival mode and live an abundant life.

Amberlee was a middle school teacher for years and taught classes on how to save on groceries and day-to-day expenses on the side. With her husband James, they have taught financial classes for over ten years. James and Amberlee are Financial Coaching Academy Graduates and Qube Money Certified Financial Coaches.

Coach James

There is no one like James. He’s hilarious, unbelievably thoughtful, and can make anyone comfortable. James has been helping people with their day-to-day finances since he was in college.

He’s detail-oriented, amazing with creating systems to simplify finances, tech-savvy, and has an eye for seeing holes and finding creative ways to solve problems.

James has had many roles throughout his career from being a campus missionary, marketing director, project manager, but through it all, he has always been coaching others on their finances.

James and Amberlee have taught financial classes together for over a decade. They are Qube Certified financial coaches and are Financial Coaching Academy Graduates.