Meet Your Money Coaches

Yep, we are officially Mr. and Mrs. Rich. God surely has a sense of humor. He aligned our passion with our last name!!

A Rich History…

We’ve been married for 14 years and have two amazing kiddos! Rich Living Coaching was birthed from our love of helping others see transformation, hope, and joy with their finances. We’ve been coaching couples and individuals with their finances for over 18 years.

We had many years when we were DINK’s (double income no kids) where we were able to make major headway in our financial goals. Then once we became parents, our finances kinda tanked. James lost his job at a start-up, Amberlee and our daughter were in a bad car accident, we moved, Amberlee stayed home with our daughter, and a myriad of other circumstances brought unexpected challenges.

Instead of reaching our financial goals, we were barely scraping by. Looking at our money situation was depressing and easier to just avoid. We knew this was a season, but the season seemed to never end.


One day…

…while we were sitting in our $200 hot tub, we started dreaming up what our ideal life and future would look like if anything was possible. We realized that money was what was standing in our way. Looking back, the signs were obvious!

God opened doors in unreal ways once we had that dream-session, even a new higher paying job fell into our laps the very next day. We gained momentum and started paying off the debt we had, our home. Our goal was to pay off our home in a year and officially say goodbye to debt.


Unfortunately, our hot tub died...

but not before our awesome dream-session

At first…

…we didn’t tell anyone about our plan, it was safer. If we didn’t reach it, no one would know.

But after James was chatting with one of the people we financially coach, we had the idea to create the Debt Dump Challenge. We created a year-long financial challenge to coach and help other families pay down their debt (and keep us accountable). Over sixty families joined, and at the end of our challenge over $500,000 of debt was paid off, including our home!

Having no debt gave us options.

James was able to quit his job, so we could work together (which has been a dream of ours) and be financial coaches full-time. We are able to take risks, spend our time on what is important to us, and do work that really matters to us. We homeschool our kids and have the flexibility to travel and have more family time.

It’s nice to be able to say that we are debt-free, but it’s even better to be able to live the life we really want.

Whatever your dream is, dream bigger than a title. What kind of life do you want to have? You don’t have to wait until you reach your goals to enjoy your life. We truly believe that you can live a rich life on less as you’re on your journey of reaching your financial goals.

We want to give you hope that you can experience financial freedom no matter what your financial situation looks like right now.

The financial story you are living can have a different ending. Our goal is to create a life-giving money plan that brings you peace and joy!

 This is why we are financial coaches.

A little more about our coaches…

Coach Amberlee

Amberlee is a financial coach, researcher, avid reader, content creator, and is constantly working on being intentional in her life. She started a blog years ago to share her insights with other moms. In 2020, Amberlee started the Rich Living on Less Podcast where she shares how to be intentional with the resources God gives us.

As a recovering couponing addict, she is known for finding ways to save without clipping coupons or using time-consuming methods. Amberlee is passionate about helping others get out of survival mode and live an abundant life.

Amberlee was a middle school teacher for years and taught classes on how to save on groceries and day-to-day expenses on the side.

With her husband James, they have created their own 1-on-1 financaial coaching business, Rich Living Coaching, and an online coaching program for churches called Steward Lab. James and Amberlee are Financial Coach Academy Graduates and Qube Money Certified Financial Coaches.

Coach James

There is no one like James. He’s hilarious, unbelievably thoughtful, and can make anyone comfortable. James has been helping people with their day-to-day finances since he was in college.

He’s detail-oriented, amazing with creating systems to simplify finances, tech-savvy, and has an eye for seeing holes and finding creative ways to solve problems.

James has had many roles throughout his career from being a campus missionary, youth pastor, marketing director, project manager, but through it all, he has always been coaching others on their finances.

James and Amberlee have taught financial classes together for over a decade. They own Rich Living Coaching and privately coach clients. James and Amberlee primarily coach pastors and small business owners.

They’ve created an online coaching program for churches designed to help Christians get intentional with their resources called Steward Lab. They are Qube Certified Financial Coaches and are Financial Coach Academy Graduates.

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