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We love helping people, just like you!

See the resources we are given with new eyes, so you can:

  1. Reach your financial goals
  2. Be generous
  3. Get out of debt
  4. Live the life God has called you to

At Rich Living Coaching, we help families across the country create a plan for their finances that brings them joy.

It’s a plan that aligns with what’s really important to you, while being practical with your day-to-day expenses. Whether you have a dream of becoming debt-free, buying a home, fighting less about money, or whatever else, it’s possible.

Don’t give up on those dreams that seem near-impossible or the ones that seem too scary to say out-loud. God gave you those desires for a reason. It’s time to make them reality!

We truly believe that money should not be holding us back from living an abundant life.

Money is a tool that can bring God’s kingdom here on Earth.

It’s time to get intentional with the resources we have.

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We ALL need a plan

That’s Sustainable

When we have a financial plan, we have less stress, fewer arguments, and we reach our goals so much faster!

Most people are living life and reacting with the money they have, instead of being proactive. We focus on the here and now and lose sight of how our financial decisions will affect us in the future.

We’ll meet with you online or in person to help you develop a plan you can stick to.

Financial Coaching Online

A money plan is how you can stop stressing about money.

No more anxiety about seeing your credit card balance. 


Imagine what it would feel like if you didn’t overspend and didn’t feel guilty about what you buy.

Money coaching is so much more than budgeting; it’s about living the life you’ve always wanted.

Money affects every area of our lives, and we help people create a plan with that money.

It’s not a plan built on guilt and shame It’s life-giving, rewarding, & will change your financial future.

Are you sick and tired of being Stressed out About Money?

Most of us are frustrated with our financial situation.

And let’s face it, when we’re living in survival mode it’s easy to bleed money. By the end of the month it’s easy to wonder where did it all go?

Money often holds us back from doing what God calls us to do.

We feel overrun, burnt out, stressed, and overwhelmed.

What if instead of fighting about money with your spouse, you connected over it? What if you could work at a job that gives you life instead of leaving you empty? What if you could have the time and the resources to raise your kids the way you want?

This isn’t a pipe dream, we can help you do this.

It’s time to live the life that God has called you to without your finances holding you back!

Success Stories

James and Amberlee are some of the few people talking about finance who have actually succeeded in becoming debt free. Their methods work, and their personal journey is inspiring!

David Gorham

Financial Planner, Liftoff Financial Planning

When I graduated college, I was $70K in debt and only making $32k a year. It was quite overwhelming. I didn’t even know where to start.

Being debt free was a foreign concept to me, but after spending quality time with James and his wonderful wife Amberlee, I had hope for a brighter financial future.

We now have been debt free besides our mortgage for over 3 years now. It was game changer to be debt free when Covid hit and we had our first daughter.

I am so very grateful for both James and Amberlee’s investment in us. I highly recommend partnering with them to help you on your financial journey.

Daniel & Becca

Zeidman Family

Get Coached!

45-Day Jump Start


one-on-one money coaching

Book a Jump-Start Session if…


You want a custom money plan that will work for you


You want to know what is off in your finances and how to tackle it


You aren’t gaining traction on your own and want to reach your financial destination as quickly as possible


You feel like money is tight even when you have a ‘good’ income


You excel when you have accountability and one-on-one feedback


You want to reach a financial goal and need help creating a doable plan without missing anything


You are sick of feeling out-of-control and being stressed out about money

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Coaching

What is a financial coach?

A financial coach is like a fitness coach for your finances.  We help you make goals, align your spending and saving with your values, keep you accountable, and equip you with tools to help you succeed.

We help you find clarity in your finances, so you can get your spending in control, and in alignment with what is important to you.

A financial coach is not a financial advisor or investor.  We will never give you investment advice, but we will always advise you to invest.

Why do I need a financial coach?

Most people are in debt, broke, living paycheck to paycheck with no financial plan. Sixty-five percent of people have no idea how much they spend on a monthly basis.

We are financially obese, severely malnourished, and pretending to be financially healthy.

The truth is this: the way we spend, save, and give is a reflection of our priorities.  If you don’t have a grasp of your finances, your priorities are out of alignment.

Most of us are overwhelmed and have no idea how to handle our finances in a healthy and sustainable way.

You can try to fix it on your own.  You can do your own research and try things out.

But if you want to save yourself money and time, hire a financial coach to get you where you want to go.

We want to see you succeed, have less financial stress, and have a much healthier relationship with money.

We will help you get into financial shape on the inside and out.

What does 1-on-1 financial coaching look like?

We truly believe there isn’t a one-size-fits-all financial plan everyone has to follow.

That’s why we take an in-depth look into your current financial situation and create a financial plan that aligns with your goals and priorities.

After purchasing our 45-Day Jump Start Program, you’ll receive a few emails that give you the link to your own Google Classroom.

Inside your Google Classroom you’ll have a few assignments to complete before scheduling our 2-hour Jump Start Call.

You’ll have a questionarre to help us gain clarity on your goals, current financial stress level, how you have dealt with money in the past, and more.

You’ll also start filling out your Financial Roadmap with your current numbers. We will review everything you send us and let you know if we need more clarity.

During the two-hour Jump Start Session, we go through your current finances, offer up solutions, help you simplify and automate as much as possible, and create a custom plan so you can reach those financial goals that seem overwhelming.

We’ll create an action plan for you, so you know exactly what next steps to take.

Then we’ll have an on-track call with you to see how you are doing with implementing your custom plan.

If you’d like on-going financial coaching to help you along the way, we offer further coaching packages.

Why would I pay for financial coaching, when I'm trying to spend less money?

Here’s a question for you: if you keep up spending like you do, how much will that cost you in the long run?

Our coaching program will free up way more money than it will costs you. Plus, you’ll have less financial stress now and in the future.

The reality is that interest rates accumulate and bankruptcy isn’t free.  Your habits need to change and someone helping you navigate your finances will be a life saver.

The value you will get from us coaching you far outweighs the monetary costs.

The truth is, when you pay for something, you have skin in the game- you show up differently.

Paying for financial coaching will give you added incentive to change your financial future for the better.

How much does it cost to get coached?

Our 45-Day Jump Start Program is $497.

This is for you if…

  • You feel like you’re making ‘good’ money, but have nothing to show for it.
  • You’re sick of being stressed about your financial situation.
  • You’ve tried budgeting and getting your money in order, but you’ve never been able to stick to it.
  • You want to know what is off in your current finances.
  • You want to get out of debt or reach a major financial milestone, but you’re not making much progress.
  • You want a custom money plan that will work for you.

If you are a pastor or missionary we give a 10% discount. Just contact us at to get your coupon code.

What if my spouse is not on board?

Money is the number one reason for divorce, and we are passionate about helping married couples connect over money instead of fight over it.

As a husband and wife coaching team, you’ll get our perspectives on money from both sides, which is really unique and valuable for our clients.

We’ll facilitate and help you both create a plan that you will be on board with.

If you’re the one who is all-in, the pressure is off. You don’t have to lead anything, we will. Having an outsiders perspective can make a world of difference to help bring healing and connection into your marriage.

Our goal is to help you find unity, joy, and peace by being proactive instead of reactive with money.

I'm just bad with money, how can this help me?

Maybe you believe you are just bad with money and that there is no way to fix that.  

Let me just say that you are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Stop believing it. 

No matter where you are at financially, you can improve. You just need the right tools and strategy, and accountability to get you there and that is what you get in our 45-Day Jump Start Program. 

We will take a deep-dive into your financial situation and will give you clarity on what steps you need to take to improve your money situation.

With little wins, you’ll start changing your inner dialogue. And pretty soon you’ll start saying, “wow, I’m wise with money!”

I don't have a high income, will coaching help me?

Having a high income level has a slew of advantages, but many high-earners are still living paycheck to paycheck. What matters is what you do with your income.

If you have a lower income, you need to tighten up your financial defense and work on your financial offense (that’s where we come in).

Truth is, at one time we were on WIC and Medicaid and now we have a paid-off home, no debt, paid for vehicles, and strong investments. We did this on a single income. If we can do it, so can you!

We help you optimize your financial situation so you can reach your goals.

We get that coaching will feel like a bigger investment for you, but it will be well-worth it.

You’ll get to where you you want to go financially, have less stress, and experience more joy.

I'm out of debt, will coaching help me?

Financial coaching helps you up-level no matter where you are. In fact, half of our clients are out of debt and working towards other financial goals.

We often see that people who are out of debt start to coast in their finances.

They often work so hard on getting out of debt that once they have that accomplished, they stop being as intentional with their money.

We experienced this ourselves and we were suprised that we weren’t saving and investing as much as we could.

We help our clients simplify and automate their money so they can get the results and momentum they want.

We focus on mindset and financial stress levels of our clients, so they can start experiencing the financial freedom they worked so hard for.

Who shouldn't get financial coaching?

Financial coaching isn’t for everyone.

Financial coaching is NOT for you if…

  • you aren’t coachable 
  • you don’t want to do the work
  • you’re unwilling to change
  • you don’t like feedback
  • you don’t want to talk about your financial situation
  • you want a get-rich-quick scheme
  • you think it will be easy
  • you don’t show up

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